Monday, 28 July 2014

iOS App Development – Start to Finish

Are you interested in becoming an iOS app developer, and are very interested in learning the basics of iOS app development? First let’s take a look at the essential concepts of iOS. It is a mobile operating system that was developed by Apple Inc for exclusive use in their range of Smartphones and tablets. This OS has a user-friendly interface that makes use of multi-gesture touches for operation.

As an iOS app developer, you should have a good knowledge of all the intricacies of this mobile platform and about the languages used to develop apps for iOS. To make things easier for developers, there are numerous tools available online to help you create and design the application.

There is many an iOS app development company that makes use of Apple’s software development kit (SDK) to design mobile applications. One could only make use of Apple’s Xcode development tools to create applications that run on the iPhone and iPad. During the early stages, all iOS applications could only be created using the programming language Objective-C and C++. But now, this kit allows you to create apps in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other popular languages. The various other tools provided by Apple include: Xcode – An Integrated Development Environment for Mac and iOS platforms, this tool is a code editor with numerous built-in additional features. Interface Builder – This application helps you visually create an interface using the drag and drop technique. Frameworks – You can do anything from writing network code and encrypting information to drawing graphics and playing videos using the Frameworks tool. It offers a series of commands to create your application in no time.

An iOS app developer can also make use of third party tools to write mobile applications. Adobe packager for iPhone includes Adobe Flash Professional CS5 that allows a developer to make use of flash to design apps for Apple products. Appcelerator’s Titanium, Novell’s Monotouch and Phonegap can also be used to create mobile applications.

Apple’s decision to allow 3rd party tools to create apps for their platform has given iOS app developers a lot of freedom to work. It also has removed the restrictions that developers face when they can only work with a particular tool or programming language.

If you want to join a reputed iOS app development company, then you should surely have a good knowledge of Apple’s very own SDK as well as the other tools.

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