Monday, 8 September 2014

Why Mobile App Development is a Lucrative Career Option?

Mobile phones have grown to be the most popular of gadgets used across the globe and they are gaining popularity even more as each day goes by. Today smartphones have replaced the need for computers and laptops since the smart phones have the capability of connecting the internet and different websites through the use of smartphone applications. This large demand for the smartphones has also resulted in creating a boom in the mobile app development industry, which sees thousands of apps being developed and uploaded to web servers for smartphone users to download and use the applications. Currently, most smartphone applications are developed for the two Main smartphone operating systems which are Android and iOS. These two OS is the most popular and a perfect place for a Mobile app builder to begin their app development career.

Current smartphone usage statistics globally

Smartphones are the most popular digital gadgets being used today with estimates projecting 1.75 billion smartphones in use today. The number is also rapidly increasing as the number of mobile phone users turns to the smartphones, which offer a much wider array of facilities and communication modes which can be used at very affordable rates. This wide variety of operations is the precise reason behind the development of the different application with each one catering for a different purpose. With application for vertically every purpose today and ranging from GPS tracking to image editing, only your imagination sets the boundary. Many companies are also having the application developed for specific purposes related to their industry thus making it easier for the smartphone user to access the feature and information.

How to make money from app development?

Many people will wonder how a Mobile app builder makes money since the apps are offered for free at the app store. Well, there is a very logical explanation for this and it involves offering the apps for free, but collecting revenues from advertisements attached to the apps. Research shows people are not willing to pay for applications and games. This has prompted the app developers into providing the apps for free and selling small advertisement spaces on the apps. This strategy has been widely accepted by the public who don’t mind the small advertisements as long as they get the applications for free. The advertisements have also been observed to generate much more revenue compared to selling the software since it provides continuing income as long as the software remains in used and has the advertisements attached to it.

Mobile app development is an industry which has experienced a boom in the past 5 years and expected to continue experiencing serious growth as the number of smartphones and demand for newer and more powerful smartphone applications increases. With smartphones expected to double in number of the next decade the app industry still has a long way to expand.