Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Improve your Resume with Oracle DBA and SQL Certifications

An object-relation database system, Oracle finds uses in many areas and applications. Developed by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, Oracle offers a logical form of data storage in the form of data files. Oracle is preferred by many organizations as it is a closed source, and any error in the system can be easily identified and checked. As Oracle is used across various organizations, equipping yourself with an Oracle DBA certification will definitely give your resume an edge over the others in the employment market.

When you complete your certification, you can apply for the position of an Oracle database administrator. As a part of your job profile, you will have the following tasks:

• Allocating system storage based on current and future requirements
• Enrolling users
• Creating primary database storage structure and primary objects
• Ensuring database security
• Control and monitor data base access
• Modify database based o organizational needs
• Archive data and store it on tape for future requirements
• Create a plan to backup and recover data
• Ensuring compliance with the Oracle license agreement
• Contacting Oracle Corporation in case of any technical failure

When you have an Oracle DBA certification from a well-known training school, you will be able to face all these tasks with ease and confidence.

You can go for the Oracle SQL certification if you are very interested in becoming a developer. As an SQL developer, you will be expected to improve the performance of Oracle database in order to increase the return on investment. The developer will also be expected to come up with techniques to save time and effort, enhancing productivity. The tasks entitled to an SQL developer include generating execution plans and running them. You should also be able to debug, test and document the database. An SQL developer should work with the Oracle DBA in order to optimize the performance of the database and reduce the occurrence of errors. By creating an integrated environment for the Oracle database, you will be key personnel responsible for the efficient performance of the database.

The chances of landing up on a job are increased when you have an Oracle SQL certification on your resume. In this highly competitive world, every other person in the job market is an engineer, completing these certification courses will definitely underline your skills and abilities.

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