Thursday, 26 June 2014

Using a Single Sign On Software Makes Your Work Easier

Passwords pose a major problem when it comes to accessing the web, several websites, your online accounts, and so on. Each web portal has a different user name and password. Each time you go on from one portal to another, you are required to give in these credentials to be able to log in into your account. Well, this can be really time consuming. A large amount of time is spent in just signing in and signing out of your accounts. Another problem with so many different passwords is the need to remember all of them correctly. How on earth is a person supposed to keep each and every user name and password in his head? Well, it can be possible, but a vast majority of the people finds it to be a Herculean task. A very simple solution to end your woes is brought by single sign on products.

A single sign on software, as the name suggests, uses a single signing in concept. Once you sign in using this software, you are automatically logged in into all your accounts. So, the need for giving in your credentials at every stage is just so easily eliminated. Moreover, once you sign out from here, you get signed out from all accounts. Managing your accounts and passwords becomes really simple and easy to handle.

The heartbleed bug is something which is groping the whole world. All your sensitive information is being leaked out by the hackers. It has moved on to become the biggest security threat over the internet. Every corporate network is also vulnerable to this bug. Till date, a total of half a million websites has been affected by the bug. The single sign on products are strong enough to withstand the heartbleed bug. It offers you a multifactor authentication scheme, which adds a double layer of security to all your passwords and accounts. Ilantus takes good care of your security along with handling account management. According to estimates, any potential hacker would take at least a minimum of 40 years to crack a password that has been encrypted using the products from Ilantus.

In the list of Top 50 Most Innovative Products from India by iSPIRT, the products from Ilantus always find a place. Using this software also makes it simpler for the companies and organizations. The number of password reset requests received takes up a lot of time and energy. This is completely eliminated if the users are able to handle their passwords on their own. Productivity is increased, and lockouts become things of the past. In short, using a single sign on software comes as an advantage to every person related to it. Get an Ilantus product to sit back and relax.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Clinical research courses in Bangalore are vast and promising

Clinical research determines whether a particular medicine is safe for use by human beings. A lot of research is made to study the effect of the medicine on human body, the risks in using the medicine and its benefits. It is also noted if any side effects are caused when the drug is used. After checking all these and determining its authenticity, it is released in the market. For this you need a team of professionals in the field of clinical research. Only they can determine if a drug is safe for human use. There are many institutes that offer Clinical research courses in Bangalore and each one of them offers you excellent training and placement after the course is completed. In India it is in high demand and professional passing out from these institutes are placed in top companies as clinical research professionals.

The clinical research training program is available for highly qualified medical and dental students who are also research oriented and ambitious. It covers a lot of topics like clinical research designs, bioethics, data analysis and review of the medical literature. It is a one year program and very beneficial for those who are interested. Only candidates holding a degree in MD, MBBS, Phd, DDS, DMD, DO, PharmD or DNP are eligible for this program. Once the training is completed, the candidates are given certificates. After completing the program the candidate can perform observational as well as experimental research and also plan and execute a clinical research project successfully. He can also analyze, interpret and present a clinical data.

Institutes offering clinical research courses in Bangalore offer the best education to the students and groom them to become the most competent professional in clinical research. To get admission here one needs to be a graduate or a post graduate in bioscience or life science, Chemistry, Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical sciences, or medicine. You are also eligible if you have a degree or a diploma in nursing. The eligible candidates have to undergo a written test, personal interview and screening tests and only then he/she is selected. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with all facilities. There are libraries that are well stocked with boobs relating to the subjects being taught and they also contain a lot of reference books. There are separate hostels for boys and girls with all facilities.

Candidates who have undergone clinical research training program to get placed in top positions with high salary. In India there is a vast opportunity for clinical research professionals and it is estimated that there are more than 50,000 job openings in this field. Every institute has its placement cell which looks after the placement of its students and ensures excellent career opportunities.